Large storm will bring some light rain to southern Maine

12:17 PM, Jun 13, 2013   |    comments
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Let's face it, we needed this sunshine today after a rainy, gloomy Tuesday and Wednesday (My days off by the way, it was a ball). Sure today's not beach weather, but it's a reminder that 1) Summer is almost here 2) We don't live New Orleans (the ACTUAL rainiest major city in the United States. Seattle isn't even in the top 10. #MindBottling).

Today: Clouds are already rapidly increasing over York and Cumberland counties in response to a large system just to the south. For the southern 1/3rd or so of the state, skies will turn mostly cloudy through the afternoon with isolated showers rotating in from southwest to northeast. The showers should be light and many of them will evaporate before they hit the ground. Meanwhile, over central Maine some of the high, thin cloud cover will advance but the showers will stay to the south. North of Bangor will end up with the most pleasant forecast as it will remain mostly sunny through the day light hours, and temperatures will respond into the low 70s.

Tonight: So the deal with this storm is that it's large and it has a ton of moisture, BUT it will largely whiff to our south. (This is a relatively new revelation to us forecasters as the computer models flipped and flopped about the track about 165 times. I told a meteorologist friend of mine that if this was a winter Nor'easter I would have quit weather and become a used car salesman at this point. More respectable.) The result of this more southern track will be some light rain from Portland south through the evening, the heaviest of which will be down across southern York county and down 95 to Portsmouth. Even in those spots the total rainfall amounts should stay under .5". Meanwhile north of Freeport look for just a few isolated showers and mostly cloudy skies as the bulk of the moisture sails south. There could be a few areas of patchy fog but for about 90% of the state, tonight turns out just fine.

Friday: Showers will linger until around 9 AM over York and Cumberland counties as the system pulls farther out to sea. Once again the rest of the state will remain dry but still mostly cloudy. By noon look for an even mixture of sun and clouds with temperatures pushing into the upper 60s away from the coastline. A cold front will actually be trailing the ocean storm (and steering it actually) so look for some pop up showers and thunderstorms in the mountains and foothills during the afternoon. These will be driven by the instability of the sunlight, so the more breaks in the cloud cover, the more thunderstorms develop.

BIG UPSIDE: This whole mess moves out by Friday night and the weekend is looking money (I know it's a bit 2001 but I'm trying to bring it back).

Saturday: Mostly sunny, northwest wind prevents a sea breeze and temperatures end up in the mid to upper 70s.

Sunday: Mostly sunny start, clouds increase by late afternoon but it's not a big negative towards the day. Highs in the upper 70s.

To beach or not to beach? It's borderline temperature-wise in my book, but I think the lack of a sea breeze pushes the needle towards "let's go for it."

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