Light snow south then a midweek warm up

1:43 PM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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After all the cold weather we've had, there's a certain irony to getting snow right before it will a big warm up. It's kind of like losing 5 lbs right before the holidays, it's nice and all but you'll ultimately end up where you started.

Today: Snow continues to spread eastward into southern Maine. Most of this snow is on the light side but there are a few moderate bands embedded that will cross York County during the late afternoon hours. Also of note, the air ahead of the snow is fairly dry so a lot of the precipitation is evaporating before hitting the ground, especially the leading bands so the radar may indicate snow over you and you won't see it for a while. North of Augusta the rest of the day will be quiet with increasing clouds flowing in from southwest to northeast.

Tonight: Periods of snow over southern and western Maine. Again nothing too heavy but there will be some accumulation (see my map) by morning. North of the Midcoast nothing more than a dusting is expected as the warm front responsible for the snow will be too far to the south to spin the moisture up there. Cloudy and quiet where it's not snowing, lows in the teens and low 20s.

Tuesday: The dynamics of the warm frontal snow break down rapidly during the early morning hours so any remaining flurries will be gone by 8-9 AM at the latest. After that look for mostly cloudy skies across southern Maine but a decent mixture of sun and clouds over central and northern Maine. High temperatures will show some improvement, reaching the mid 30s.

Tuesday night is a bit tricky as another warm front moves through but winds are still flowing out of the northeast at the surface: That's a big freezing rain red flag for me. I think spots away from the coastline have a good shot of some freezing rain and drizzle late Tuesday night as some showers move through and the surface temperatures remain below freezing while the upper level "torch."It doesn't look like there is enough total moisture to cause big ice accretion issues but it's still very much worth noting if you are planning on traveling Tuesday night.

Warm air surges in and scours out any leftover mixed precipitation by Wednesday morning. Showers are likely in the mid morning, then a break of just cloudy skies before the cold front drags through with afternoon rain and even a rumble of thunder. High temperatures will push into the low 50s across southern Maine, mid 40s to the north.

Clearing and colder conditions for Thursday, but not arctic, with highs back into the low 30s.

The weekend looks quiet through the first half with maybe some light snow for Sunday.

Today's Inane Newsroom Argument: As you may know, I almost burst a blood vessel when half our newsroom argued Megan Fox wasn't attractive (I still can't even talk about it, it cuts too deep). Well we have another gem today. And I quote, "Mall sushi is way better than Miyake sushi". For those of you not familiar with Miyake check out their yelp review page. For those of you that have actually eaten at Miyake...I'm sure you are already on the phone to my newsroom.

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