Super mild Monday; midweek Snow?

3:00 PM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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Looking over the latest computer model guidance while watching the Golden Globes with the rest of the newsroom last night, two things occurred to me: 1) We might hit 55 F tomorrow 2) it might snow on Wednesday...plow-able amounts. (Also of note: I almost burst a blood vessel as half of the newsroom made the argument Megan Fox is NOT attractive as she stood on stage presenting an award. I'm sorry, what? I'll accept: "She's not my type", "She doesn't seem like a very nice human being", or the very accurate "She's a HORRID actress." Those are all valid defenses, but "she's not attractive"?! I'm offended for her.)

Moving on. The first of my thoughts was clearly correct as many spots have pushed into the UPPER 50s. More on the idea of midweek snow in a minute.

Today: Crazy mild. High temperatures in the 50s will be commonplace. Portland just smashed it's old record by 3 F and the day isn't even over yet. Mostly sunny skies will prevail as our morning cold front has now pushed well offshore. Winds pick up a bit late this afternoon out of the west-northwest.

Tonight: Finally the colder air from this mornings cold frontal passage arrives. This air mass is colder, of course, but it's not frigid. Look for low temperatures in the low to mid 20s along the coastline, teens in the mountains. Mostly clear skies will dominate the evening and the fog from the past few nights will not return this time around.

Tuesday: Most of the state will be mostly sunny and pleasant but there will be some cloud cover pushing across far southern Maine from Portland south to Portsmouth, NH. No big deal but the sunshine will be filtered there are times as a low pressure system passes to the south of MA. High temperatures will be colder but still above average in many spots with highs in the mid 30s.

So about this chance of snow on Wednesday.

Last night I noticed the computer models started to hint that we might get brushed with the northern edge of a storm system passing to our south. It didn't look like a big deal at the time but it set off alarm bells for me because, if you recall, the computer models had originally called for a Nor'easter on Wednesday and then dropped the idea last Friday.

So as it stands I'm leaning on the American GFS model which brings the low into the Gulf of Maine on Wednesday morning and spins back a decent shield of precipitation into the state. It's too early to talk amounts but I'm thinking several inches is possible, particularly just inland. The most moisture will be along the coastline but, with that track, we might be dealing with a rain/snow line issue there so amounts would be reduced. Totals should be less as you head westward into the mountains due to the position of the storm system.

I'm going to keep my eye on this for you and can you check back here for updates and follow me on Twitter for the play by play (@KeithCarsonWCSH).

Regardless of what happens on Wednesday, an arctic cold front will come through on Thursday bringing us much colder air and some snow squalls.

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