The weekend is looking cloudy and mild

8:11 PM, Jan 11, 2013   |    comments
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A warm front will lift north across our region tonight bringing a mix of light rain, sleet or freezing rain. Near the coast temperatures should remain warm enough to prevent much if any icing but over the interior roads could become slippery. The precipitation should pretty much be over by Saturday morning leaving us with lots of clouds and perhaps some spotty showers or drizzle and I think it will pretty much stay that way all day. Despite the lack of sunshine temperatures look to reach the low 40s. Warm and moist air will continue to flow into New England Saturday night and as this interacts with all the snow on the ground look for areas of fog to develop. This will most likely be with us on Sunday so once again I don't expect much if any sunshine that day but once again it should turn out to be quite mild. A cold front is going to move through early Monday with drier air in its wake allowing for some sunshine. Temperatures could approach 50 degrees that day and then start to fall off on Tuesday as colder air works its way into  New England. Temperatures are expected to continue dropping all of next week and by Thursday it should start to feel like winter again.

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