Seasonable New Year's Eve, but bitterly cold after that

1:46 PM, Dec 31, 2012   |    comments
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The top perk with regards to the end of this snowy stretch? I no longer have to deal with the inbox-busting group emails from my weather weenie friends in Boston. You might think these only a small inconvenience, but I woke up on Saturday morning to 36 new emails in the thread. 36! And those all took place between the hours of 11 PM and 7 AM.. AKA when normal people sleep. Epic nerdom.

Well, I'm unlikely to be tortured by then for at least 5 days as no major storms are in sight.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy along the coastline and into the interior with some scattered snow showers in the mountains. The snow showers will be mainly confined to the higher terrain and won't fall until late in the evening. Temperatures will be chilly, but nothing unusual, look for lows to bottom out in the teens over northern and western Maine, more like low 20s along the coastline. Remember: overnight lows usually occur early the next morning, so around 4-5 AM...if you are still out at that point you might want to bundle up more, you wild party animal. (Personally I'm at a Robert Frost-esque "Two paths diverged in the woods" moment for New Year's plans. One path has me rushing down to Boston tonight to party with friends, the other has Paula and I eating take out Chinese from our condo. Both are good options, but the Chinese food plan is the first of many steps that eventually leads me to calling NYE "Amateur night" and falling asleep at 11:05 PM)

New Year's Day: A cold front pushes offshore so after some morning clouds look for mostly sunny skies to take over. Temperatures will get into the 20s for most spots by noon but then begin rapidly falling during the afternoon as some arctic air rushes in behind the boundary.

That arctic air will be in place for Tuesday night, Wednesday and Wednesday night. Overnight lows will be int he 0-5 F range along the coast, -10-0 range across the interior and -20 to -10 range in the mountains on both evenings. On the upside there will be plenty of sunshine on Wednesday and even into Thursday.

The next chance of any precipitation should be a fairly light snow squall event on Friday. There may be some accumulation in the mountains with that, but most of us will just see a few flakes.

Quiet and cool on Saturday before temperatures rebound a bit for Sunday into the mid 30s.

As I mentioned before, no big storms in sight as our pattern looks fairly progressive and lacking the juiced up storms of last week.

Be safe out there tonight and I'm going to leave with my favorite line from the weekend of nerd emails:

"That was the storm where Cape was sniffing ozone from the tropo fold!"
Translated: That was the storm where winds from the upper levels of the atmosphere mixed down over Cape Cod.

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