For the first time in a while; our pattern is quiet

2:31 PM, Nov 9, 2012   |    comments
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For a few weeks there I knew what it felt like to have a legit job...earthquake, hybrid Sandy, early season Nor'easter (I will NOT be calling winter storms by The Weather Channel's a hype centered, lame idea in my opinion). Phew, glad that's over :-).

For the first time in almost a month our  pattern has settled into a quiet stage. Something known as the NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation) has changed phases, indicating an extended period of relatively tame weather.

Today: We are still in a generally cyclonic flow from yesterday's storm which is moving due east from Cape Cod. As a result there is some decent cloud cover over northern Maine and the mountains, while the coastline is treated to a mostly sunny day. That's pretty much how the rest of the afternoon will play out as that low moves further and further over the Atlantic. Temperatures will reach the low 50s in sun soaked areas, but stay only around 40 F in the mountains. Winds will remain breezy out of the northwest, but gusts should settle by late this afternoon.

Tonight: Partly cloudy over northern Maine, but mostly clear to the south. It will be a quiet but chilly evening overall with lows dropping into the 20s in most spots, with low 30s along the immediate coastline.

Saturday: A narrow ridge of high pressure builds giving most of the state sunny conditions. There could be some extra cloud cover over far southern Maine and into New Hampshire, however, as a warm front will be stalled over southern New England through the afternoon. All in all I expect a pleasant day with temperatures remaining on the cool side: between 43-50 F.

Saturday Night: Clouds increase from south to north as the previously mentioned warm front makes a northward push into Maine. Can't rule out a scattered shower or snow flurry as the front arrives, but I think most of us stay dry and chilly.

Sunday: At this point the warm front will be stalled across Maine. Traditionally this setup leads to mostly cloudy skies with a few showers...I see no reason to forecast anything different in this case. Again, the precipitation will be light and not very widespread, but there should be JUST enough moisture to squeeze out some sprinkles or mountain flurries. High temperatures will improve despite the lack of sunshine, into the upper 40s to mid 50s. That as the warm air associated with the "warm front" (who'd a thought) moves in.

Monday: Once the warm front pushes north of Maine on Monday morning we will end up in what we call "the warm sector". A strong south to southwest wind will push temperatures into the low to mid 60s across southern Maine and at least near 60 F even to the north. This looks to be a fantastic day as we will combine the mild temperatures with mostly sunny conditions. (Forecasting note: The temperatures aloft actually support even WARMER high temperatures on Monday but I think the wind "fetch" is a little too southerly to be ideal for us. Keep in mind a south wind still comes off the water a bit, so that will cool it down. I'd rather see a warm up on a west-southwest wind this time of year)

A front will arrive on Tuesday afternoon with some showers before we reset to cooler but bright weather for Wednesday and Thursday.

All and looks pretty stable for a while.

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