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Revenge porn: When ex-lovers seek revenge online

(NEWS CENTER) -- Social media has made us a society of sharers.

7:54 AM, Nov 8, 2013

What is twerking?

(USA TODAY) -- Miley Cyrus may have helped get the word 'twerk' into the Oxford Dictionary with her rowdy MTV Music Video Awards performance, but twerking's been around for the last two decades.

6:10 PM, Aug 28, 2013

Shark expert says Boothbay Harbor shark likely a great white

BOOTHBAY HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)- Lots of people have seen the video of a shark off Boothbay Harbor, but was it a Great White shark?

5:13 PM, Aug 5, 2013

Casey Family Services ending operations

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Annie E. Casey Foundation is closing Casey Family Services in all 7 states where it operates -- including Maine.

6:10 PM, Jun 26, 2012

College recruiters excited for 6'9" high school prospect

ESKO, Minnesota (KARE) - One would think nothing big ever happens in tiny Esko, Minnesota.  But that would be wrong.

2:23 PM, Feb 11, 2013

Is social media making us meaner?

(NEWS CENTER) -- In the world of social media, it seems like everyone has an opinion they're now able to express on a variety of platforms.

7:54 AM, Nov 8, 2013

Florida woman says garden is fountain of youth

SOUTH FLORIDA - Annette Larkins' backyard garden is full of fruits and vegetables. Every corner of her garden has something that is edible. She also collects rainwater to drink and water her plants. 

3:50 PM, Feb 29, 2012

Florida teen beaten by classmate, police say prompted by taunting texts

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. (NBC) -- A Florida teen is in a medically-induced coma following a brutal beating at the hands of a classmate and police say taunting text messages prompted the attack.

1:48 PM, Mar 23, 2010

What summer movie had a cameo by the Andrew Wyeth painting "Christina's World"?

a. The Bling Ring    b. The Great Gatsby    c. Oblivion    d. This is the End

6:37 AM, Jul 12, 2013
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