Lucid Skis using real Maine wood

9:38 PM, Mar 13, 2014   |    comments
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PHILLIPS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There's a type of ski that is becoming more and more popular in the mountains of Maine. Lucid Skis start as hard wood and end as hard wood and they're made right in the mountains of Maine.

The first pair of Lucids were made in 2010 and were offered for sale to the public by 2012. Today owner and founder, Nick Mukai can barely keep up with the orders that flood his Phillips shop.

"Not only skied really well, but looked cool and we ended up with a bunch of pre-orders," said Mukai.

The skis made from real Maine wood come in three options: Cannon, Harvester and Trip. The newest option for buyers are snowboards designed and crafted by John Markham Jr.

"The way I've made the board it flexes real well, you can turn real easily," said Markham.

The skis are impressive to look at and even more impressive to see in their element. After living in Maine for over 40 years, Mary Burr has done alot of skiing. It wasn't until she rode on her first pair of Lucid's that she reached the highest level of fun on the slopes.

"No I'll never go back. I believe Lucid is here to stay and I'm glad that I'm in the early stages," said Burr.

To find out more about Lucid Skis or to order your own pair go to


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