Pulp mill looking for new ways to get chips

8:18 PM, Mar 5, 2014   |    comments
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BAILEYVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A fire this week at the Fulghum Fibres wood chip mill is causing some people in the Washington County to worry about what happens next.

This fire happened yesterday afternoon and crews were called from four communities to battle the flames.  Officials said this building is the maintenance repair shop where welding and torch machines are housed. At this time, fire officials are still investigating the cause.

The Woodland Pulp mill is adjacent to where the fire took place and its manager says hard wood chips produced at Fulghum Fibre are vital for this mill to run.  

"Without hard wood chips we can't make any pulp. With the majority of our chips coming from this facility this will cause us to develop some contingency plans so that the mill can continue to run at full capacity."

Beal said officials will have new strategies soon, so the workload doesn't slow down due to wood chips. Despite this, Fulghum Fibres has released a statement saying, "they lost no inventory of wood chips as they are not stored within the building."    


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