Ice jams wreaking havoc on roofs

7:57 PM, Feb 20, 2014   |    comments
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FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The melting snow was swamping roofing companies Thursday. The constant snow not only weighs on patience, but roofs too, creating a potential dangerous situation.

Don Chase of Superior Roofing Company says they haven't had to turn anyone away but they are right out straight.

"I've worked up to 12 days straight without a day off," said Chase.

On Wednesday, he and another guy had shoveled 5 roofs full of snow.

"I've seen people's houses with big ice jams hanging off the front of them and piles of snow up over their skylights and up over their stink pipes," said Chase. "It's just unbelievable."

A lot of the homes hadn't been cleared of ice and snow even once this year. Warmer weather and rain on Thursday and Friday is expected to weigh heavy on their roofs.

"You got 3 to 4 feet of snow on your roof - Add some rain to it and you've got a lot of weight that can cave in a roof. Especially if it's a flat roof."

Ice jams are causing more problems. The roof Chase was clearing in Falmouth on Thursday was leaking.

"She's got 5 places inside that are leaking because of ice jams," said Chase.

He says while business is good; they've already cleared twice as many roofs this year.


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