With rain coming, check your roof

6:18 AM, Feb 20, 2014   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- With Thursday's warm weather and rain coming in, the Portland Fire Department said now is the time to clean off roofs. As the snow becomes heavy, roofs are in danger of collapsing.

Homes or businesses with flat roofs are in the most in danger of collapse because the snow has no place to go. Contractors are recommending that even sloped roofs and metal roofs should be shoveled off due to all of the recent snowfall. It is also important to check the drain of the roof, ensuring that it is clear and free of ice dams that could block the pathway for significant rainfall.

Signs of possible roof collapse include severe or new roof leaks, bend or ripples, and cracks in the wall. When shoveling the roof, it is good to tell somebody for safety reasons. However, leaving it to the professionals is an options as well.

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