Mother advocates for Meningitis vaccine

10:41 PM, Feb 17, 2014   |    comments
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BETHEL, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The community of Berwick was saddened last week to learn of the death of a little girl.

Medical officials believe 6-year-old Evie McLean contracted Bacterial Meningitis. While that Southern Maine town mourned the loss of a child, the news was also having an impact in another Maine community several hours away.

Jeri Greenwell of Bethel knows the pain of suddenly losing a child to Meningitis. It's been more than 10-years since her seemingly healthy son Jerry came down with flu like symptoms. A few days later he was gone. For his mother the pain never goes away and it only intensifies when she hears news of another life taken by meningitis.

"My heart goes out to the McLean family. I know how difficult it is and no matter what age a child is no parent should ever have to bury their own child", she said.

Since her son's passing Greenwell has spent her days working on behalf of the National Meningitis Association, disseminating information about the disease and advocating for the vaccination that can save lives by preventing it.










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