Maine businesses speak out on carbon pollution

1:24 AM, Feb 13, 2014   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Hundreds of Maine businesses have signed a letter urging Senators Collins and King to support proposed national power plant pollution standards.

The Natural Resources Council of Maine joined with area business leaders at the Porthole restaurant to announce the effort, which is supported by nearly 250 Maine businesses. The group says most states in the Northeast already abide by these carbon emission standards, and Maine businesses want other states to be forced to do the same. They say it's an issue that affects Maine businesses, especially those on the waterfront. The Environmental Protection Agency is in the process of implementing the new rules, and while they aren't subject to a vote from Congress, supporters are asking the senators to show their support.

Senator Angus issued the following statement following the press conference.

"I believe that climate change is not only real, but that it's indisputable and presents a serious danger to our planet, to future generations, and to our economy. Right now fishermen, farmers, and foresters, as well as businesses both large and small in Maine, are feeling the very real impact of climate change - and they also recognize that we must take steps now to build a cleaner, more sustainable economy. I applaud them for their work and for their help in leading that effort. As a member of the newly-created Senate Climate Action Task Force, I am working with likeminded colleagues to change the conversation in Washington about climate change and to push for legislative action that will help mitigate it. I am committed to moving forward on this issue, because as temporary stewards of this planet, it is our responsibility to leave the planet better than we found it."

Senator Susan Collins' spokesperson Kevin Kelley writes:

"Senator Collins has been a strong supporter of the Clean Air Act and continues to support the public comment process that is currently underway for EPA's proposal to reduce carbon emissions from new power plants. The public comment period provides stakeholders and the public with an opportunity to evaluate and comment on the proposal before it becomes a final rule.

Climate change is a significant environmental challenge that requires global solutions in order reduce greenhouse gas pollution worldwide. However, Senator Collins continues to believe that the best course forward is for Congress, not unelected government officials at the EPA, to set a policy framework.

By promoting clean energy alternatives and efficiency, we can reduce pollution, advance the goal of energy independence for our nation, and spur the creation of new manufacturing jobs in our country rather than in China. That is why Senator Collins continues to support key initiatives such as deepwater offshore wind technology in Maine, which has the potential to provide an affordable source of renewable energy directly to the country's population centers along the coast and diversify Maine's electricity supply."




















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