Orono, Veazie residents feel more is needed to reduce carcinogens in their water

6:19 PM, Feb 12, 2014   |    comments
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ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Dozens of people turned out at Orono High School Tuesday night to air concerns about their drinking water.

For years the Orono and Veazie Water District has been criticized for having high levels of a dangerous, cancer causing compound in its water. That compound, called T.H.M. or trihalomethane, forms when organic elements in the water interact adversely with chlorine used to treat it.

Three years ago the district's water had levels of T.H.M. that were above the state's cutoff. Since then directors of the district say that they have been able to bring them back into compliance. The district is also working with an engineering firm to find newer, less contaminated wells for the town's water.

Some residents however feel more testing needs to be done to make sure T.H.M. levels are truly low.

"I think we should have more concern over the actual quality of the water," said Deborah Blease of Orono, "and not over where we are with our numbers for the state..it's like let's give ourselves a true reading on that."

In the coming weeks, 10 homeowners in Veazie will be getting their water tested from independent sources. Officials with the water district say they have acquired a state grant, which will go toward finding new wells to tap.


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