"Adopt A Hydrant" to help firefighters during storms

7:28 PM, Feb 5, 2014   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- In a storm like this where some areas could see nearly a foot of snow, fire departments in Portland and South Portland have a long day of cleanup ahead. 

While some towns rely on the water district to clean off their hydrants, Portland and South Portland use it's working fire and rescue members to shovel out buried hydrants.

Portland has nearly 2,000 hydrants to clear, each company is responsible for nearly 200.

Over in South Portland, they're responsible for clearing out more than 600 hydrants. Keep in mind, these departments are still running their normal fire and rescue calls in the meantime.

Lt. Robb Couture says their crews don't stop until every hydrant is clear, which sometimes means shoveling 14-16 hours and working out on the roads until 11 or midnight.

So departments ask that if you are already out shoveling, and have a hydrant near you, that you "Adopt A Hydrant" and help them clear it out.  What they usually look for is a clearing of about 3 feet around the hydrant (the length of a shovel) and a pathway from the hydrant to the road 3 feet wide.


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