Husson mourns death of student athlete

7:39 PM, Feb 5, 2014   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It was a somber day inside the Athletics Department at Husson University.   Coaches, students and staff are mourning the death of Stephen Colvin.  The 21 year old sophomore, and member of the Husson football team, died in a skiing accident at Sugarloaf Tuesday morning.

"I think he was the kind of young man that all the other players loved to be around, very popular, positive member of the team, loved to ski," explained Athletic Director Frank Pergolizzi.  "We have 450 student athletes here and I believe very strongly that there's a bond between all of them so certainly this tragedy directly affects all the football guys and the football team but I daresay all of our athletes are affected by this because this is a small campus and the student athletes in particular get to know each other, they come to each others games, cheer for each other so this is affecting all of us no question. "

Husson officials say staff at the counseling services center is available to any students who might need someone to talk to.
Officials say the school is planning a memorial service. 




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