Report critical of Westbrook School officials

7:20 PM, Feb 4, 2014   |    comments
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 PDF Document: Alfano Report

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- An independent report released tonight blames the administration, the parents of students, the community and the policy itself for a flawed investigation of off-campus drinking in Westbrook.

Westbrook High School initially suspended members of the high school girls field hockey, girls soccer and boys football teams in November -- only to reverse those suspensions days before an important football game.

This has been a hot button issue in the town of Westbrook since November .. The town hired an independent arbitrator and mediator John C. Alfano to interview staff, parents and other community members about what happened.

In his 26 page report, Alfano starts off by saying there is no one person to blame for all that happened, he blamed the schools' policies, he blamed administrators, and he blamed parents.
























































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