Lobstermen wanted for new reality tv show

7:17 PM, Jan 27, 2014   |    comments
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BOOTHBAY HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Lobster fishing may be slow this time of year, but there's plenty of talk around the harbors. And right now, a lot of that talk is about reality television.

A New York production company, owned by Al Roker of the Today Show, wants to produce a reality show about Maine lobstermen. The biggest need for a good reality show is good characters, so the producers have put the word out that they're looking for lobstermen who want to be part of the program.
The company says interested fishermen should email to:

In Boothbay Harbor, some people are suggesting Clive Farrin, who's been a leader of the local fishing community for years. Farrin told News Center he might be interested in the program, as long as it isn't what he called "a soap opera". Farrin says he thinks it could be a chance to educate viewers about all the things lobstermen do to conserve the lobster, and promote Maine.

Jason Watt, Executive Producer for Al Roker Entertainment, told NEWS CENTER he's hoping the program will not only show the hard work and occasional danger lobstermen face, but also show the strong connections between fishermen and their communities, and the family heritage of lobstering. As for questions of focusing on conflict, as many reality programs do, Watt said the program won't shy away from conflict, but won't try to create it, either. "There are different kinds of conflict," said Watt. "There is man versus nature, man versus man and man versus himself - and all three are present in lobstering."

There's also the humorous side of the fishing world. As Clive Farrin put it," you can always catch somebody doing something stupid. Me included."

Farrin's longtime girlfriend, Sue Hepburn, thinks he's a natural for the reality show. " He needs to be in it," said Hepburn, "It wouldn't be the same without Clive in it."

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