Tech guru Rich Brooks on Net Neutrality

5:48 PM, Jan 27, 2014   |    comments
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Rich Brooks is the President of Flyte New Media in Portland, a web design and internet marketing company.

For more information on Flyte New Media click here: FLYTE NEW MEDIA

Net Neutrality

Last week there was a lot of talk about the end of Net Neutrality...what is Net Neutrality and why should we care?
• NN is the idea that all info on the internet should be treated equal. Nothing has priority.
• In the real world, some traffic does have priority (ambulances, fire trucks, etc)
• With NN gone, carriers can give priority to certain traffic, or charge certain people more
• Recently a federal appellate court overturned the FCC's NN rules

Why do carriers want to end NN?
• They feel that they've invested in the infrastructure
• They feel companies like Google, Hulu, and Netflix are getting a free ride at their expense
• Don't like the competition

Why do people support NN?
• Don't like the idea of companies determining what traffic is "more valuable"
• See it as a threat to small biz
• Gives these companies ability to discriminate against critics

How might this impact the average person/Mainer?
• Small business may not be able to afford higher fees
• Services like Netflix may become more expensive
• Services like Skype, VoIP, Spotify might go away entirely

Will this happen?
• Have to wait and see. May be in companies' best interest not to mess w/the internet.


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