Bangor council chair reflects on working with Red Sox

7:52 PM, Jan 24, 2014   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- It's the mother of all baseball trophies and it's coming to Bangor- The Red Sox World Series Trophy. It's an iconic piece of the sport's history, but for local Council Chair Ben Sprague, it's a piece of his own history.

 Sprague became an employee at Fenway Park in Boston as a college senior.  Between 2006 to 2010 he worked as a tour guide and a score board operator for the legendary Green Monster. He even witnessed the Sox win the 2007 World Series first hand. Although he met several Red Sox players, he says it was the history of the park and the team that interested him the most. Sprague enjoyed giving tours to older fans and hearing about their favorite past players and how they became part of the Red Sox Nation. Over all he says the experience is one he will never forget.

"It became a job like anything else. You'd go in and we would do our work. The difference was each night during the season there was an incredible experience of a baseball game and with tens of thousands of people there. I don't regret working there at all, it was a really enjoyable time," says Sprague, "Like a lot of people I grew up thinking I might play for the Red Sox some day and that didn't work out but Red Sox Nation is strong up here and it means a lot that their coming all the way to Bangor and Orono."

 The 2013 World Series Trophy will be on display this Sunday from 10-noon at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor and also from 2-4pm in the Alfond Arena in Orono. Sprague even has a few friends still working for the Red Sox organization and is looking forward to reuniting with them this weekend.


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