A close call for missing surfers

8:53 PM, Jan 12, 2014   |    comments
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KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A close call in Kennebunkport this afternoon for some surfers who were reportedly missing.

Kennebunkport Police say that three people had been surfing off Goose Rocks Beach Sunday afternoon. Sometime after 2:30 PM, one of those surfers returned to land and couldn't find the other two.

Kennebunkport Police notified the Coast Guard and they scrambled two boats and a helicopter to begin the search for the missing surfers. Before they arrives, Biddeford Police has spotted the two surfers and took them back to the other one.

"Everything turned out well," says Cheif Alan Moir of Kennepunkport Fire Department. "Escorted them over to the river that divides the two towns and then they walked up and now they're being checked out by our ambulance service."

Water temperatures in the ocean of southern Maine are in the upper 30s to low 40s. The air measured in the mid 40s in the region for most of the afternoon.

There is a small craft advisory in the area until 1 AM. It is unknown whether the advisory was triggered by wind or by waves. NEWS CENTER meteorologist A.J. Burnett estimates that seas would be between 3 and 6 feet Sunday afternoon.

The United States Search and Rescue Task Force says that survival time in waters of those temperatures is not more than 90 minutes.


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