Bangor Water District reminds homeowners about possible lead exposure

7:12 PM, Jan 9, 2014   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- The start of the year has water quality advisors in Bangor once again reaching out to the public.

They are encouraging people to find out if their drinking water has any traces of lead in it. The Bangor Water District says the city's water is lead free but lead can exist in the plumbing of older homes and businesses.

Officials say lead solder was outlawed as a way to seal pipes in 1986 but many older homes still may have it. They say if you don't want to replace your pipes you can simply run the water for a minute or two to ensure its lead free before you go to drink it or use it.

"We have monitored lead in drinking water for 22 years now and we're very fortunate that lead is not in our drinking water when it comes into a home," said Dina Page, who is the city's water quality advisor, "and so really it's the awareness of how old is the plumbing in that building and could it possibly have lead solder."

Water advisors say there's also new changes to plumbing codes this year. Now all faucets sold in the U.S. have to have the lowest level of lead content. Officials say simply changing your faucet could help ensure your drinking water is better protected.

If you are concerned about the age of the pipes in your home and whether they've been sealed with lead you can contact the Bangor Water District at (207)947-4516.


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