Police looking for suspects painting "BRO" on the I-295 wall

12:01 PM, Jan 10, 2014   |    comments
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SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Police in South Portland want to find whoever is responsible for spray painting graffiti on the I-295 sound barrier wall.

Police say on December 13th, one of their officers witnessed two or more suspects spray painting the wall facing the interstate. Tagging the signature "BRO" down the length of the wall. Police chased the suspects into a neighborhood adjacent to the wall but lost track of them.

Frank Clark of the South Portland Police department says this type of graffiti, called "tagging" is the most prevalent type in the city. Taggers often paint their signature for fame or for the thrill of it, he says.

It appears whoever tagged "BRO" on the wall also misspelled the word vandalism on there too.

Tim Cusack of the Maine Department of Transportation says it's going to cost several thousand dollars to paint over the graffiti, all "because someone got happy with a spray can."

The wall is made from fiberglass and concrete which is too tough for their machines which they've tried in the past. "This is by far the worst."

The 1.5 million dollar wall spans 3,600 feet between exit 3 and 4 on I-295.

Maine State Law classifies graffiti as a Criminal Mischief offense. There is an anti-graffiti ordinance in South Portland which makes it illegal to posses spray paint in a park or playground.

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