207 - What's Trending - January 9, 2014

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207 - What's Trending With Brett Whitmarsh

We're starting with weather, but not the polar vortex.  We've had an incredible amount of storms over the past few weeks (and there have been a lot of storm movies and pictures). There can be beauty in the storms, and Facebook user Kevin Freeman found it through York's Nubble Lighthouse.


This video is from last Thursday night when we had those incredible winds. Wind usually being a hard thing to capture on video, except at Nubble. Since the light house was still decked out for the holidays Kevin got this great video. He added music by Nathaniel Noton-Freeman


The Selfie Olympics

Next up, The Olympics are upon us, but not just the ones on NBC. The Internet has declared this to be the Selfie Olympic season! We all know what a selfie is right? You grab your smart phone and you basically take a picture of yourself. Then most selfies get posted to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. A great many of our selfies are often taken in a bathroom mirror. The selfie Olympics are a very fast trend on Twitter. There is a hashtag and handle of the same name and the goal is to out do the last person. So how incredible can your selfies get?

(Some of these are for the adult crowd or NSFW)


Well NASA, in my opinion, has won the gold with their selfie from Space.


There is also a new Twitter feed called @SelfieFails and they are but like the parody of the Selfie Olympics, though I'm not sure that can really be a thing (since most are all the same pictures): https://twitter.com/SelfieFails

Downton Abbey as a Crime Show?

Next up, Downton Abbey returned this past weekend to the biggest ratings PBS has ever seen for a drama. It was certainly the most tweeted TV show of the week, last week. I like when actors don't take themselves too seriously. The actress who plays Lady Mary did a spoof on her character with Michael Chiklis. Think of Lady Mary doing a Law and Order type show. This is from the group at Funny or Die. Now while some of this does contain a bit of adult content, like any other cop show, it is very funny especially if you are a fan of Lady Mary.

Downton Abbey Law and Order:

CES Tech News

Finally I like to end with tech news. This week in Las Vegas is the big CES event - Consumer Electronics Show. Netflix has announced that all the content then will produce in the future will be in 4K-TV. Think of this as the future of HD. We really only widely accepted HD TV about ten years ago, now it's already old news with 4K technology. Netflix is kicking this off with the second season of House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey which debuts on Valentines Day:


Finally, there is so much news coming out of CES that it's hard to keep up! I do want to leave on the news of a new app based social network called Jelly. It's from the Twitter co-founder Biz Stone (though he's no longer with Twitter). Jelly looks to use your network of friends to help answer questions. So here's how it works. You take a picture of something you want to ask a question about, then you add on some kind of text or logo to highlight the question, then post it to all your friends on your varied social networks and eventually delivers you a result. It's a great idea since (and one I love too) many of us do this anyway, but I wonder how quickly it will catch on.

More in it here (with video): http://jelly.co

Details: http://techcrunch.com/2014/01/07/twitter-co-founder-biz-stone-explains-the-surprising-goal-of-his-new-company-jelly/

As always you can follow my social media and the news here: @BWhitmarsh

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