Iran nuclear talks said down to fine print stage

7:50 PM, Nov 23, 2013   |    comments
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GENEVA (AP) - An Iran nuclear deal appears within reach.

Secretary of State John Kerry and five other foreign ministers are focusing on the fine print of a draft agreement meant to satisfy not only the other side, but also to placate powerful domestic forces that fear giving too much for too little in return.

Diplomats are refusing to spell out details of Saturday's talks in Geneva. But comments from both sides suggest negotiations focused on detailed wording that could be key in shaping an agreement.

Even though diplomats are said to be close to a deal after four days of talks, they also warn against expectations that a final agreement is imminent due to the complexity of the issues and the stakes for all sides.

The goal is to hammer out an agreement to freeze Iran's nuclear program for six months, while offering the Iranians limited relief from economic sanctions. If the interim deal holds, the parties would negotiate final-stage agreements to ensure Iran does not build nuclear weapons.

For the U.S. and its five partners, the chief concern is Iran's uranium enrichment.

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