Elderly driver travels wrong way on I-95 for miles, no one hurt

7:48 PM, Nov 7, 2013   |    comments
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OLD TOWN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There were some frightening moments for dozens of commuters traveling on Interstate 95 in the Old Town area Thursday morning.

State Police say they received 40 emergency cell phone calls within a matter of minutes from people driving southbound---who had to avoid a car driving the wrong way on the I-95.

Police say the first calls came in shortly before 9:30am. It turns out a man who police described as an elderly man with diminished mental capacity was behind the wheel. He eventually pulled over in the median before police arrived.
But at the time of those first calls state police weren't sure what they were dealing with.

"We (didn't) know if the person is doing this intentionally we don't know if they're impaired by drugs or alcohol and we don't know if it's a situation like this where the person is older and a little confused," said Sgt. Michael Johnston of the Maine State Police. "But either way we treat it the same. We try to intercept the vehicle, stop it. Fortunately this one had a positive outcome where no one was injured and no one was hurt."

It was about 13 minutes between the time of the first call and the time state troopers spotted the driver. Police say the driver will not face criminal charges but they will report the incident to the Secretary of State's Office and the driver will be required to have a medical examination to determine if he is able to continue driving.

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