Horror artist makes the creepy a career

10:11 PM, Oct 31, 2013   |    comments
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NEWCASTLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Most of us think of Halloween as our once-a-year fright night. But for an artist from Newcastle, Halloween is every day. 

Glenn Chadbourne is a horror artist. He's made a career of drawing elaborate, intricate pen-and-ink creations of frightening creatures, dark graveyards and all sorts of other ghoulish images. Chadbourne says it started when he was a kid, reading horror comic books like "Tales From the Crypt." The artist says he started drawing then and never stopped.

His career got a big boost when Chadbourne began illustrating collectors' editions of Stephen King novels. He says the books are sold all over the country and overseas, and have helped him also do special work for other writers. Some collectors pay large sums for the special volumes. He likens them to first editions by other famous novelists, "like Charles Dickens," he says. "Imagine what a first edition of Dickens is worth today. Mine are like Dickens - with fangs."



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