Sen. Collins says President made a mistake

7:01 PM, Sep 3, 2013   |    comments
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WATERVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Senator Susan Collins says President Obama made a mistake by drawing a line in the sand against the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons.

Sen. Susan Collins greeted attendees at the leading women's luncheon in Waterville Tuesday morning. Immediately following her speech she headed to Washington for briefings on Syria. She says the President never should have made the threat because now our country's reputation is at stake.

"Some of my colleagues have said that they feel they have no choice but to back the President because they fear that otherwise they're sending a signal to Iran and other rogue states like North Korea that any action is acceptable to the United States and there will be no consequences. While I understand that, it is not a view that I share", said Collins.

Collins says she has not made up her mind yet whether she'll support military action in Syria. Her Colleague in the Senate, Independent Angus King, says he too has not made up his mind yet. In Congress Democrat Mike Michaud says he wants to know more about the evidence against the Syrian Government and what the President's strategy will be, while Chellie Pingree says she's leaning towards voting no.


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