Facebook's Graph Search now active for everyone

3:37 PM, Jul 8, 2013   |    comments
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(NEWS CENTER) - Facebook announced all Americans will now be upgraded to "graph search" as of Monday or this week. Up until now, facebook says those who had it were beta testing it. So what does this mean or you?

"Graph Search" is a way to search through your friends information and public posts or information on Facebook. This search goes through posts, images and likes, but it all hangs on how each person posts to Facebook. If you make something public or open to friends of friends, then those posts can be found under a graph search. If you tag people, or yourself, any of those tags can be searchable. You can also search things like restaurants near me, or movies my friends like, music my friends like etc. These results are all based on things that your friends have "liked" make public or information from people around where you are using Facebook (includes non-friends).

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You can control all of these types of tags and setting in your activity log. Anything in your profile that you make public can also be found through a graph search --search. To protect that privacy, edit the information in your profile to "friends" to keep it out of a public graph search.

Only you can control what is public or private. There is a difference between public, friends, or friends of friends settings.

Privacy help: 

Facebook has made the privacy settings very clear, and the tool "activity log" helps you see what's public or not. You can even control past posts with activity log.

Anything you post as public, anyone (and I mean anyone) can see it. If you post something to friends, then only your friends can see it. However, if your friends settings are set to "friends of friends" then -- the people they are friends with -- could possibly see or comment on your post.

So really, what the above message should say is: friends don't let friends have their settings to "friends of friends." Always keep your settings to "friends only" -- this keeps you the safest.

What does friends of friends mean?

Graph search looks through any information that YOU, the user, have made public (that information includes pages you've liked).

So if I use graph search to look for a restaurant and five of my friends have liked a certain place on Facebook, but they've locked up their privacy settings, I will still see that they've "liked" that restaurant. That is the point of graph search. Even if I have followed the instructions from the very misleading post above, it's not going to protect everything from graph search.

Graph search is really there as a marketing tool for Facebook and those who use Facebook for marketing. While there are benefits to the users, there are more for the marketer.

Understanding Graph Search better:

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