Sandy Hook: Six months later

5:04 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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(NBC NEWS) -- Today marks six months since the Newtown, Connecticut shooting massacre left 26 dead.

Victims' families marked the day with a ceremony recognizing the thousands of people killed by guns across the U.S. since that day.

The hope in part, is to reignite the push for background checks.

Just yesterday the senate majority leader promised again, to pass expanded background checks for gun sales.

But now, Newtown families are telling lawmakers we've heard your promises and they want action.

Memories of the school shooting tragedy still make it difficult for families of the victims to speak.

"Driving here today i almost turned around but i did not i came," said Gilles Rousseau whose daughter Lauren, a substitute teacher, was killed in the shooting.

Today's ceremony marks renewed efforts to pressure lawmakers for tougher gun laws.

Gun control advocates are driving this charter bus bearing the words no more names to 25 states over the next 100 days.

At each stop, they'll commemorate the more than 6,000 Americans killed in gun violence since the Newtown shootings.

"The idea is to really sustain the conversation about gun violence," said Stephen Barton who survived the shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater.

This week Newtown families also met with the president and lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Senator Joe Manchin, West Virginia, who sponsored a background check measure promised to keep fighting.

"This is not politics we are playing, this is real change and real people's lives, " said Manchin who once had a high rating from the National Rifle Association but is now the target of an NRA attack ad.

Political strategists say gun control advocates face a tough battle.

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