NEWS CENTER iPhone apps get an upgrade

7:48 PM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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(NEWS CENTER) - We've been given an upgrade! The NEWS CENTER iPhone app for has been updated and now comes with a number of new features.

Our iPhone and Android apps have been out for a while now, but this update applies to iPhones with the same update on it's way for Android devices. The update out this week now allows users to watch our broadcasts on the iphone app, something you've always been able to do on the iPad app, but now it's for phones as well. Now this will only appear when we're actually live streaming. So it's during our live broadcasts. If the app has been open for a while just use the refresh feature and it will pop up.

And there is also good news for iPhone 5 users?

Yes, for anyone who owns an iPhone 5, they'll tell you the phone is taller. Well our app now fits that different screen size so it will know if you're on the 5.

What are some of the other features, if someone has never downloaded it before?

well you can watch most of the videos that are already on our website. You can check out the local news sections or you can look through the national and watercooler areas.

-You can also Facebook, Tweet, or email any of these stories right from here. You can also zoom in on the text too.

-Also from here you can swipe from story to story once you're in a story -- or you can click the "X" in the upper right hand corner of the screen and that takes you back to what is basically the home page.

You say there was an iPad app update as well?

Yes, the iPad app has had an upgrade to it's alarm clock and desk clock features. You can now wake up with our app and information. Also if you're a fan of our "This is Home" theme you can use that as your default alarm setting. Plus you can now adjust the brightness of the screen as well in the iPad app.

And it's still a free download?

Yes, free download in the iphone/iPad or android app stores. Search WCSH or WLBZ and they'll come right up. Feel free to give us a rating while you're there too.

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