Teen builds helping hand

3:30 PM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WGAL) -- A Pennsylvania teenager has taken home top honors in a science fair with a project that could end up changing lives.

16-year-old Matthew Campagna he calls it the "Helping Hand".

It's a voice-controlled robotic grasper.

Matthew started working on it the day after last year's science fair, and just got it working about three weeks ago.

You could say he had a few setbacks.

"One time the motherboard started smoking, so I was able to tell that it shorted," he says.

After a few tweaks it was good enough to take home top prize at this year's North Museum Science Fair.

The hand will only respond to the voice of a single user in order to prevent unwanted movement.

As for next year's project, this is it, but even better.

"I hope to have an even more established arm and voice control in the form of Bluetooth," Matthew says.

He hopes one day it will actually give someone a helping hand.

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