Utility crew reunites man with class ring he lost 44 years ago

12:01 PM, Feb 28, 2013   |    comments
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LOUISVILLE, Kentucky (WAVE) -- Forty-four years ago Richard Nixon was President of the United States, a Corvette Sting Ray was the car to have, and Majestic Prince won the Kentucky Derby. 1969 also marks the last time a Kentuckiana man saw a prized personal possession ... that is until last week.

The incredible reunion took place just a few feet away from where it was lost, all thanks to LaGrange Utility workers.

"We were just doing some routine maintenance on some sewer lines," said Brian Golden with LaGrange Utilities.

"Just happened to look in there at the right time and there it was," said Bryan Nolin with LaGrange Utilities.

"You wonder where did it come from?," said Jonathan Bates with LaGrange Utilities.

Just a few weeks ago, down below the surface in the sewer lines of LaGrange they made the discovery.

"It was really a surprise to us," Golden said.

They found a unique piece of jewelry.

"This is a class ring from Oldham County Class of 1969," Nolin said.

The three LaGrange Utility workers noticed it while flushing a line along 5th and Spring Streets.

"It was just a rake, a yard rake, and just reached in there and hooked it and it hung on it," Golden said.

"We scrubbed it and looked at it again to make sure and then I looked in and saw the initials," Nolin said.

The initials "BD" were etched inside and the search for its owner began.

"The utility company called and said they had found a senior class ring for 1969," said Bruce Duncan, who lost the ring.

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