Saturday February 23, 2013 at 7pm

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Bill Green's Maine in HD
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We'll visit the Mainer who inverts, Joe McLafferty, who's just back from the X Games... We'll meet one of America's top emerging artists, Internet sensation Tim Gagnon of Castle Hill...
And we'll travel to Northern Quebec to meet the family of Cardinal Marc Oellet, the man who might be elected the next pope.

Show number: 2013-4

Original air date: 2/23/13 
This week's blog from Bill:

Joe McLafferty is a rising star in FSX. This kind of snowmobiling is cutting edge and thrilling to watch. It's just made for TV which is why the X-Games are so popular. At just 18, Joe McLafferty made it to the X-Games this year. It was a real learning experience for a guy who plans to continue climbing in this sport for a long time to come. Joe has a great website with lots of video and more information about himself.

The interview this week is with Tim Gagnon (pronounced Gone'-yer). Tim is a fine artist who now lives in Castle Hill, which is just West of Presque Isle. I liked Tim because he's a good guy. He starred in basketball at Washburn High School and still follows the team closely. He started selling his art on You Tube. When the recession hit in 2008, he sold fewer paintings for less money. So, he got creative again and started selling art lessons on line. He has six thousand people from all over the world subscribing to his website. It seems like a lovely hobby to get involved with.

Worm poop! There's no other way to describe it. Jon Dyer has 10,000 worms in his basement making compost. He feeds them garbage and the Wall Street Journal. He can't fill all his orders. He's a fun guy. He's also a really intelligent guy which is why he can make such a company run. It's his night job and he keeps the lights on in his basement.

What would it be like if one of your family members had a chance to become Pope? That's what has happened to the Ouellet family of La Motte, Quebec.
Marc Ouellet has become one of the world's leading Catholic theologians. He currently leads the organization which selects all the bishops. He is very close to Pope Benedict and meets with him weekly. This was a fun shoot for photographer Tom Phillips and me. We drove 12 straight hours to get to La Motte and really enjoyed meeting the family, especially Marc's brother Louis and his mother, Graziella. Here is a link to a lengthy interview with Cardinal Ouellet from Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation.

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