Grandmother calls grandson hero after rescuing her

3:39 PM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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LEE, Massachusetts (WNYT) - Seven year old Tyler Wade, of Lee, Massachusetts called 911 after his grandmother slipped on the ice and couldn't get up.
A cool, calm, and collected young boy turned his family emergency into a tale of heroism last Tuesday. 

A medical emergency alone would have been more than enough for anyone to deal with, but after his great grandmother clipped on the ice and couldn't get up, Tyler Wade had a lot to do in a short, critical, and confusing period of time.

But Tyler came through. 

He also happens to be seven years old.

"I remember when my grandma fell down on a pile of ice," Tyler says.

"His first words were, "Are you OK gram?" Tyler's grandmother Ruth Heath recalled. "I said, "Yes, but I think I broke my arm." He said, "Can I call 911?" I said, "Yes you may, please!"

Not only did Tyler rush inside to dial 911, he also managed to get his younger brother onto the school bus, and then, mindful that help was on the way, he grabbed a bucket of rock salt and finished the job his great grandmother began.

"I was sanding," he proudly proclaimed. "(I did it) so that nobody fell like my grandma."

Ruth Heath suffered a broken arm, but she also realizes how fortunate she is that's all she suffered.

"Without the boys there, I might have been there a long time because the snow bank blocks the view from the road where I was down," Heath said.

"I was very proud and very sad because grandma had hurt herself," Lora Wade, Tyler's mother said. "I don't know how he's really going to act in those type of situations because he's never been in a situation like that."

It turns out Tyler remembered the 911 lesson from when a police officer visited his school. 

He'll also never forget what his great grandmother said to him when he visited her in the hospital, presenting her with a pink rose. 

"She said I'm her hero," Tyler proclaimed.


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