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Bill Green's Maine in HD
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What's old is new again as Colby brings back its winter carnival... We'll meet two-time Olympic long-jumper, U-Maine track Coach Veeka Rebalco... And we'll revisit the life of the woman secretly engaged to John Wilkes Booth-Lucy Lambert Hale.

Show 2013-3
February 9, 2013
Program #283

Bill's blog:

I'm writing this from home the day before this show airs. We are seeing the beginnings of a beautiful snowstorm that is expected to turn into a blizzard in just a few hours. It's predicted to be one the five worst storms in the history of Portland, with less snow falling in belts as you move north and inland. Portland could get up to 28", Bangor 18" and Caribou 4". That would be great for Nordic skiers and snowmobilers. Maine's colleges now have a new cross-country skiing venue. It's at Colby. There the Mules hosted New England's ski colleges. The Maine schools competed for something called the Chummy Cup. It's named for former Maine Olympian Chummy Broomhall. The trophy is emblematic of supremacy in Maine Collegiate Nordic Skiing.


Our interview this week is with Vika Rybolka. Vika went to UMaine and made two Ukrainian Olympic Teams. Because she left the state between the Olympics, I've never had a chance to meet her. Vika received her Bachelors from Maine, a Master's from Rochester and is earning a PhD from the University of Texas. She will leave Maine for Austin this summer. She and her husband Sergey will have a new baby in April. That child, a daughter, will be named Neeka after the Goddess of Victory. I really enjoyed meeting this wonderful and extremely talented person.

Our archive piece tonight involves Louis Sockalexis. We explored the life of this great baseball player about five years ago. This is part of that conversation with author Ed Rice who wrote what I feel is the definitive book on Sock. The Society of Baseball Research notes that Sock was the first Native American and first Minority to play in the National League. If you are interested in Sock, check out this link from the society.

 Our final piece tonight is on a most intriguing character named Lucy Lambert Hale. Some will ask why is she on Bill Green's Maine? Because she's interesting!!! Also, I didn't mention in the story, but her mother was from Maine (Berwick) and she vacationed in Maine because here she met Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Lucy's photo was on the body of John Wilkes Booth when he was shot dead in Virginia. She was one of five women so honored by America's most famous assassin. Her relationship with Booth remains a mystery, one which historians are starting to examine with more scrutiny. Her childhood home is part of the wonderful Woodman Institute Museum in Dover, New Hampshire. I wanted to learn more about Lucy and now I really want to learn more about Lucy. Here's a link to the museum.


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