Angus King "Fired Up" to start work in U.S. Senate

7:14 PM, Dec 19, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Extended King Interview

Angus King to caucus with Democrats

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Senator-elect Angus King says even if Republicans and President Obama come to some sort of agreement about the "fiscal cliff" issue, he and others in the new Senate will need to make a lot of decisions about the details. 

And King says he hopes to be part of that process. 

King, who is an independent, said during the campaign that he wants to be a bridge between the two parties in Congress. King will be sworn into office in two weeks, and says he still thinks he can make a difference.

King told NEWS CENTER Wednesday he has met with thirty Senators since being elected, including leaders of both parties. King will caucus with Senate Democrats, but says he's also had positive talks with a number of Republicans.

"As I ...talked about various issues," said King, "and my views on taxation and other things, I could almost see the wheels turning in some of their heads and saying "this isn't exactly what we thought. This guy might be somebody we can work with."" 

King says he's excited about the challenge of working in the Senate and eager to begin work. However, he also said he has come to realize the "heavy responsibility" he will carry when dealing with such serious national and global concerns.

King will take the oath of office in Washington, D.C. on January 3. King said he will be taking over the U.S. Senate seat that's been held by three of  Maine's political  giants:  Olympia Snowe, George Mitchell and Ed Muskie.


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