Doctors find feather lodged under 7 month old girl's skin

5:58 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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HUTCHINSON, Kansas (KSNW) -- It's been a medical mystery, but little Mya is home again after doctors pulled a mysterious feather out of the side of her neck.

"As near as the pediatrician could tell, it was in her body for some time," says Aaron Whittington.

Aaron is dad, and says his 7-month-old daughter got very sick. Nobody was sure at first just why.

"Well, she had a low white blood cell count. She got a fever. We got antibiotics and they sent us home, but then it got worse," explains Whittington.

How much worse?

"Enough that during the day, her grandmother took her into the Emergency," says Whittington. "And we were just in shock at what the pediatrician found."

She found a feather. It was slowly working its way out of the side of Mya's neck. They discovered it after doctors poked and prodded Mya in and around her neck.


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