Maine's online resource for voting

7:04 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Whether you are looking for your polling location or even a sample ballot for your town, the state of Maine has a helpful, and easy to use, section on their website.

It's located right on the homepage of

As soon as you log on, you see a section about mid-screen that says "popular topics", there are a few green buttons there. The third on in says "VOTING" -- click on that.

From here there are a number of sections you'll want to check out, but the third item on the list is probably the most important: "Maine Voter Information Lookup"

From here you can put in your town and address then it will bring back your polling location

There are a few tabs here and one of the options is a sample ballot. This gives you pretty much what you'll see in the voting booth tomorrow. Now we should point out, not every town has the sample ballot available. Those that do, can even download it to their computer or mobile device. Now if a sample ballot isn't posted, then you can click on the "Candidates for State Ballot" tab. This tab gives you top down all the candidates running for President, Senate, and House of Representative -- and again depending on your address it only lists your district for the house race.

I've tested it most of the day on an iPhone, iPad and on a desktop computer -- it works pretty smoothly on all three. The site for the most part is very mobile friendly. There are some links that will kick you off to a non-mobile page, but overall it works very well. The key link to keep in mind is the Maine Voter information section, That's the link that brings you to everything.

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