Romney to attack Obama on foreign policy

12:01 PM, Oct 8, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (AP) - Mitt Romney plans to put the focus on foreign policy today, accusing President Barack Obama of "passivity."

In remarks prepared for delivery Monday at the Virginia Military Institute today, Romney says the U.S. should help arm rebels in Syria, put conditions on aid to Egypt and tighten sanctions on Iran.

The Obama campaign says Romney has been "an unmitigated disaster on foreign policy every time he sticks his toe in the foreign policy waters."

A new Obama TV ad calls Romney "reckless" and "amateurish" on foreign policy questions.

Meanwhile, the Romney's campaign is working to chip away at Obama's advantage among early voters, and the effort appears to be paying off in North Carolina and Florida.

The United States Elections Project says more than half of the 29,000 voters who have cast absentee ballots in North Carolina are registered Republicans, while 28 percent are Democrats. In Florida, it's a 53-32 split in the GOP's favor. However, the numbers are very preliminary, with millions expected to vote early in each of the two states. 


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