Beach Boot Camp is a regimen

5:20 PM, Jun 4, 2012   |    comments
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KENNEBUNK, ME (NEWS CENTER)-- They meet in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. They meet in darkness, sun and all kinds of weather. They are members of Leslie Carroll's Beach Boot Camp class where consistency and hard work make all the difference.

Carroll owns Get Out There Fitness and one of her most popular programs is Beach Boot Camp. "People love the beach!" she told NEWS CENTER. "They're not in the gym.  They're not all closed in. There's something about being in the open air."

Of course, in Maine, the open air can get mighty cold and their workout sites such as Mother's Beach in Kennebunk can be very dark at 6:45 A. M. Meeting in all elements brings the group closer.

"I think it helps me stay in some kind of reasonable shape," said Steve Morris, a recently retired executive from Kennebunk. "It slows down the aging process. It gives me a great outlook on the day."

The workout emphasizes cardio and core training, but is a full body workout. 

"You get up in the morning. You go down to the beach. You see the sunrise and you see your friends," said Vicki Drigotas. "You can't beat it."

A lot of people want to go to a controlled environment to work out.  Beach Boot Camp seems to be a success because it gets participants out in the elements. 

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