Florida launches new anti-texting while driving safety campaign

3:57 PM, Mar 18, 2011   |    comments
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MIAMI (NBC) -- Transportation officials want south Floridians to drive smarter by putting down their cell phones while behind the wheel. Actors and production crews hard at work. The scene, a Miami cemetery. The message, grim but all too common. 

Polo Cindy, a Florida transportation official, says "we're having a whole new generation of drivers. We're realizing the behavior of our drivers is changing."

More people texting while driving. At last official count, distracted riving resulting in 55,000 deaths nationwide. This 3 minute online video to show the effects, with a 9-year-old boy bringing the story to life.

It's a reminder you're paying for. MDX funded by the money you pay at tolls. Officials saying it's an investment to keep you safe.

We're using this as a safety campaign directed to the drivers that use our roadways.

The dramatic and emotional video is titled, the last word.

To get into our drivers heads so they realize and ask themselves when that phone rings or that beep comes in whether that text message or phone call is worth making that last word.

Production of the film costs about $150,000.

It will go viral over social networking sites in a month.

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