Silly Bandz banned at Texas school

4:49 PM, May 18, 2010   |    comments
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MCKINNEY, Tex. (NBC) -- Kids across the country are wearing, trading and fighting over Silly Bandz. But students at one Texas elementary school won't be among them.

The elastic bracelets come in all colors and shapes, from dinosaurs to crowns to baseball bats.

"I wish I'd bought stock in them about three months ago, because I would be going on vacation," said Samantha Abbott, a McKinney mother of two.

What makes them so cool?

"Because like everyone has them," second-grader Nicholas Daigle said.

But the bracelets have become so popular, they're driving teachers crazy.

"I could see how they'd be distracting," said Abbott, a preschool teacher.

Eddins Elementary School in McKinney decided to ban the bracelets for all fifth-graders.

"Our No. 1 priority is creating an environment that is conducive to learning," a McKinney Independent School District said in a statement.

In an e-mail to parents, the school called the bracelets a "huge distraction" with students "trading them and stealing them" from each other.

"I think banning is a bit extreme, but I'm not a teacher in a class of kids who are doing it," Frisco mother Becky Daily said. "I can't imagine it being that big of a deal, but maybe it is."

School districts across the country have adopted similar bans, and schools from Alabama to New York have threatened to confiscate the bracelets if they are brought to school.


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