Elderly Florida woman fights off alleged rapist with a knife

6:33 PM, Nov 7, 2013   |    comments
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ENGLEWOOD, Florida (WBBH) -- An Englewood, Florida man met his match after breaking into an elderly woman's home early Wednesday morning.

After falling asleep on a reclining chair in her living room, 70-year-old Alice Dunn says she was awoken by a man, who was standing behind her chair and holding his hands against her mouth.

Dunn says she was scared and began to struggle and scream.

"He came to rape me. He turned to me and he held me over my mouth and then he grabbed me and said, "Get in the bedroom,'" Dunn said.

The woman told deputies she had left a knife in a book in her living room because her home was burglarized the day before.

During the struggle, Dunn said she slid off the recliner. When she tried to get back up, she says the suspect appeared to be trying to help her to which she responded, "Let me do it myself."

The suspect then relaxed his grip on her and she was able to retrieve the knife from the book as she stood up.

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