Bed bugs disrupt bus service

4:48 PM, Oct 30, 2013   |    comments
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NORTH PLATTE, Nebraska (KNOP) -- Disabled residents of a North Platte, Nebraska group home have been left stranded due to a bed bug infestation.

Liberty House residents lost their bus riding privileges after local transit officials heard bed bugs had been found at the home.

"The minute we hear that we're transporting people that have bed bugs we shut them off," says Maryilee Hyde, Public Transit Superintendent.

It's been under a week since North Platte Public Transit discontinued service to Liberty House residents.

It's a decision that didn't sit well with Liberty House administration.

"This whole thing has really got blown way out of proportion. They've been making it sound like we have this huge infestation in all of Liberty House, which we don't at all. We checked all the rooms. Orkin went through and checked every room and they only found them in three rooms upstairs," says Liberty House Administrator Ginny Olson.

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