Utah man chases home run softball and saves man face down in water

12:56 PM, Sep 10, 2013   |    comments
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LOGAN, Utah (KSL) -- A Logan, Utah man was enjoying a game of softball at the Willow Park Sports Complex when someone hit a ball out of the park.

He went after the ball, which led him to someone who was fighting to stay alive in an irrigation ditch.

"It was a fluke that the home run was hit. It was a fluke that I was out here chasing it," said Bart Griffiths, field supervisor for the Logan Parks and Recreation Department.

Griffiths said after he picked up the ball during Wednesday's game, he was walking back in to the complex and noticed something gray sticking up. At first, he thought somebody had dumped garbage in the ditch.

"When I got closer, I thought it was a motorized wheelchair," he said. "I saw a body that was ... face down in the water, but from the waist up. The legs were still sticking out."

At first, Griffiths said it was like a scene from a TV show. He didn't know how long the person had been in the water, and he believed the person likely was dead.

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