Man accused of attempting to snatch toddler at Ohio amusement park

12:16 PM, Jul 9, 2013   |    comments
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MASON, Ohio (WLWT) -- Ohio prosecutors said Monday that investigators believe a man arrested at Kings Island amusement park may have been there "to abduct a child."

Rodney Grisham was arrested last week after a father complained that Grisham tried repeatedly to get close to his 2-year-old son. Police said they found non-prescribed prescription drugs and a loaded shotgun in Grisham's vehicle in the parking lot.

The prosecutor at Grisham's video arraignment Monday said "the facts and circumstances surrounding this case are much more serious than the charges themselves indicate."

"The defendant was going around the park with sunglasses that had a video camera hidden inside and was taking videos of children throughout the park the entire day," Mason prosecutor Bethany Bennett said. "He was first noticed in the Kings Island park because of his unusual behavior toward young children."

"We do believe he's a significant danger to others. He does have a prior sex offense charge on his record," Bennett said. "But unfortunately due to the victim not being able to testify, it was pled down, so he is not registered."

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