South Carolina shrimpers say their nets are coming up empty

11:38 AM, Jul 9, 2013   |    comments
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MURRELLS INLET, South Carolina (WMBF) -- South Carolina fishermen say the local shrimp season started slow and has now come to a complete stop.

Now local restaurants are feeling the effects.

"We use large shrimp," said Peter Haentjens of Dead Dog Saloon. "The supply has been very low, and the price has been very high."

Haentjens says the Dead Dog Saloon and other restaurants aren't getting their large, white shrimp from the Carolina Coast anymore this season. Instead, restaurants are placing orders for Gulf Coast shrimp.

"East Coast shrimp, in my opinion, is the best," Haentjens said. "We're using a lower standard than we'd like."

Local bait and fish shops in Murrells Inlet say brown shrimp, the small variety found in local creeks, are abundant. But, they say heavy rains in the Grand Strand could be the reason larger shrimp aren't been caught from trolling boats.

"It moves the shrimp around a lot," says Eric Perry, owner of Perry's Bait and Tackle. "Also with high winds, those guys just don't have a chance to get out there."

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