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4:57 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Oregon (KGW) -- "Don't worry about me mother. And write often." Sgt. Delbert Steele sent that message through Western Union April 29, 1944.

It's one of dozens of letters he would write to his mom throughout his World War II deployment.

They are invaluable connections to a man long gone, and his children knew nothing about them.

They had no idea a total stranger was about to change all that.

For her birthday, Shawn Story of La Center got the World War II memorabilia from a friend who bought them at an auction.

"She brought me this box of musty old letters here where I work and I just delved into them and started reading them when I got home," Story said. "And I just got that feeling these don't belong in my hands."

Story picked up her Kindle tablet and searched for any information on Sgt. Delbert Steele, the author of the letters.

She quickly found out that he died in 1979. So she looked for any family connections and eventually figured out the man who wrote the letters had a son who lived in Portland.

"I couldn't get him the letters fast enough," she said.

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