Thieves disable gas pump meter before filling up 11 vehicles

3:26 PM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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UNION CITY, Georgia (WXIA) - Whether it is precious metals or gasoline, thieves are coming up with deviously creative ways to steal them. They have figured out how to get inside pumps to get the gas out for free.

It is a relatively new crime but a Union City gas station is finding out about it the hard way. In the past two months, thieves have stolen gas from the Mobil gas station on Flat Shoals Road four times.

The convenience store has surveillance video showing how the suspects broke into gas pumps and disconnected the meters inside. The video shows one of the suspects using a tool to pry open a door on the pump. Once inside he cuts wires to the meter that logs the purchase. Then with a swipe of a credit card, he can pump unlimited gas for free.

In the latest incident on May 15, 11 cars pulled up to the pump and filled up for free. Over 180 gallons of gas were stolen. The same thing happened on three other occasions in March and April. 


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